The History of Modrobes

Modrobes started as a project at Brock University in 1994.  An uncomfortable university student, Steven Sal Debus, wanted to make the ultimately comfortable, utility pants for his fellow students. Stuck with choices of "cardboard" jeans and traditional sweatpants Steven took a look at snowboarders, hospital scrubs and back packs and had an idea; combine all them into a comfy, utility pant that would last your entire university career. He created a business project for these "exam" pants and after graduating he decided to make and sell these pants. But retailers laughed him out of their stores calling the pants stupid and ridiculous. With little concern, Steven travelled to universities cross Canada selling the pants at tables in front of cafeterias. University students soon started to love the pants and they quickly became of staple of dorm life.

Steven then built a line of casual, comfortable and functional clothing and the Modrobes crew travelled to concerts and events selling Modrobes and giving out "I want you in my pants" stickers everywhere they went. 

The Rave Culture and electronic music exploded in popularity in the late 90's and Ravers started dancing in funky coloured Modrobes all night long. Modrobes pants got wider and the styles and colors exploded.  Modrobes opened a tiny store in Toronto and fashion people scoffed at the pants.

In 1999 a CBC tv crew followed Modrobes to Woodstock 99 and the event turned into rioting, looting, fires and eventually the national guard being called in to shut it down. The video footage was shown across the country on national television and Modrobes became known to a wider audience.

With new found exposure Modrobes expanded, opened stores and then starting selling to retailers across the country. Soon millions of Canadians were wearing the funky coloured belted pants.. 

Then 9/11 happened and the world suddenly changed. Colors went away replaced by greyness and black. Burnt out and saddened by the world, Steven shut down the company and moved to the mountains out west.  

20 years later and prompted by Modrobes fans Steven ran a small two week long crowdfunding campaign. The positive response was overwhelming and inspired by the love for Modrobes from fans, Steven decided to revive the brand and the pants...and here you are now.

Welcome to another beginning. We've got another crowdfunding campaign brewing with new styles. Join us and see what happens next...