Just added limited edition heather grey...

I just put into production 60 pairs of heather grey Modrobes pants because a supplier had some of the really cool mix left in stock. So if you would like to show your Modrobes and know that there only a few like these out there now is your chance. They will be ready in two weeks to ship!


Well hello again..its been awhile.

Well hello again..its been awhile.

If you didn't know we recently completed a crowdfunding campaign. We only ran it for 2 weeks and raised about $35k..not bad for what I thought would be $5k. Seems like after 25 years you people still want some buckled lounge pants. Thank you!! This store currently has just a few of the extra pairs that we made for the campaign. If you can't find what you need you can send us a note. We are taking this day by day because..well...the world is a strange place these days so stocking made in Canada products makes us nervous. So we...